Maria Mastalerz

Maria Mastalerz Photography

Maria Mastalerz received Ph.D. from Silesian Technical University in Poland and did her postdoctoral study at UBC in Canada. She is a senior scientist at the Indiana Geological and Water Survey and Graduate Faculty at the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Indiana University. Her research interests include coal geology, organic matter petrology and geochemistry, shale gas, and CO2 sequestration.

Sebastian Willem Rampen

Sebastian Willem Rampen Photography

After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Analytical Chemistry, Sebastiaan Rampen started as a laboratory assistant at the Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, working on a project to identify biomarkers in diatom algae. This was followed by a PhD study focussed on long chain diols, and thereafter, he successfully obtained several grants to continue his research on this topic. Currently, he is working at the Geobiology Group of the Georg-August University of Göttingen, Germany.

Andrew Pepper

Andrew Pepper Photography

This year Andrew Pepper will celebrate 40 years experience as a geologist and petroleum systems analyst: at BP as leader of the Petroleum Systems Network; at Hess as Chief Geologist and then Director of New Ventures; and at BHP as VP Geoscience and VP Unconventional Exploration. He founded This is Petroleum Systems LLC in 2015 as a vehicle to collaborate and innovate in Petroleum Systems concepts, modeling and training.

Clifford C. Walters

Clifford C. Walters

Clifford C. Walters received Bachelor degrees in Chemistry and Biology from Boston University in 1976. He earned his PhD in 1982 from the University of Maryland where he conducted field and laboratory research on metasediments from Isua, Greenland, the oldest sedimentary rocks on Earth. Joining Gulf Research and Development, he implemented a program in biological marker compounds. In 1984, he moved to Sun Exploration & Production Company, where he was responsible for establishing biomarker geochemistry and thermal modeling as routine exploration tools. Mobil’s Dallas Research Lab hired Cliff in 1988, where he became Supervisor of the Geochemical Laboratories. With the ExxonMobil merger in 2000, Cliff spent his first year at URC then moved to Corporate Strategic Research, where has conducted work on the modeling of oil generation and reservoir transformations, geomicrobiology, processes of solids formation, shale gas generation and unconventional petroleum systems. Cliff has published numerous papers related to petroleum geochemistry, and has co-authored a major treatise, The Biomarker Guide. He is a current Associate Editor of Organic Geochemistry and has served on numerous executive committees of related societies.