The Museum Of Contemporary Art Niterói (MAC) which was established in 1967, has become a symbol of Niterói and is known for its futuristic architecture, which resembles a flying saucer. The external ramp made of red concrete takes visitors to the main exhibition room, where the works of art share the space with a circular glass balcony overlooking the Guanabara Bay.

The museum, designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer the museum is a Brazilian contemporary art venue. The museum's collection is composed of thousands of objects of João Sattamini a brazilian economist and collector of contemporary art (1933-2018).

Together with MAC, others buildings designed by Oscar Niemeyer form a path along the seaside, called Niemeyer Way. More information:



MAC location: Mirante da Boa Viagem, s/n°, Boa

Viagem, Niterói, RJ.

Contemporary Art Museum(Mac), Niteroi, RJ
Fundação Oscar Niemeyer, Niteroi, RJ Memorial Roberto Silveira, Niteroi, RJ Reserva Cultural, Niteroi, RJ


The Santa Cruz da Barra Fortress is a unique historical site in Brazil, with a fundamental stone dating from 1555. Its walls were built with stones cut and set by hand, with an area of over 700 square meters.

Santa Cruz da Barra Fortress

It has a collection comprising 45 cannons from the 18th and 19th centuries, plus a chapel dating from 1612, with an 18th century image of Saint Barbara. The Santa Cruz da Barra Fortress is next to the entrance of Guanabara Bay, through which all ships arrive in the port of Rio de Janeiro. With a privileged

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Santa Cruz Fortress location: Estrada Eurico Gaspar Dutra, s/nº – Jurujuba


Built in 1872 by a wealthy Portuguese called Bento Joaquim Alves Pereira, the mansion is a copy of the 19th century urban residential architecture. In 1892, it was purchased by the Danish diplomat Georg Christian Bartholdy, who, in 1920, started living there. It was listed by IPHAN, in 1974.

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Solar do Jambeiro location: Rua Presidente Domiciano, 195 – Ingá, Niterói


Built around 1860 by doctor José Martins Rocha, the palace was set as the headquarter of the Government by Governor Nilo Peçanha in 1904. Over the following years, the palace has had 43 inhabitants among interim governors and federal intervenors.

The museam have a collection consists of approximately 4,800 pieces among furniture, porcelain, clothing accessories, crystals, sculptures, photographs and coins. It is authorized to use the Lucílio de Albuquerque Gallery including about 120 works by several artists, such as works made by Mestre Vitalino, Zé Caboclo, Carrancas do Guarani and Mudinho’s sculptures. Among the various expressions of popular culture, there are pieces of clothing and accessories of festivals and folk dancing, handicrafts from the State of Rio de Janeiro and other states, domestic and rural work instruments, Afro-Brazilian objects, objects representing popular festivals, decorations and household items, toys, ex-votos, Cordel literature, Indigenous craft, etc.

Ingá Museum Location: Rua Presidente Pedreira, 78 – Ingá, Niterói

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One of the most beautiful beaches of the city, approximately 2,700 meters long, with clean water, suitable for bathing, and with a stunning landscape open to the Atlantic Ocean. It is formed by two combined beaches: “Praião”, in the larger section, with small waves; and “Prainha”, in the smaller section, a shallow and peaceful portion, ideal for children and the elderly.

Piratininga Beach Location: Av. Almirante Tamandaré, Piratininga – Niterói

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It is 2,600m long and its waters are transparent and green. With clear and fine sand, it is an extension of Itaipu Beach and a picturesque place much sought after by fishermen, sailors and windsurfers. Its shore is filled with kiosks specialized in serving seafood by the seaside. Its name refers to the grounding of a vessel of same name. The sophisticated residential neighborhood of Camboinhas lies between the beach and the Itaipu lagoon.

Camboinhas Beach Location: Rua Desembargador Nicolau Amaury Junior, Camboinhas – Niterói

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Elected by tripadvisor as the 12th best brazilian beach.
It is 700m long and considered one of the best beaches of the city, and its name means “written, scratched or engraved rock”. Amid a splendid vegetation, its waters are transparent and blue. Besides being the surfer’s paradise and offerering a rich landscape, it is a small beach and one of the most visited by young people. “Prainha” lies to the right and is the children’s paradise. A very small beach without waves and with mostly peaceful waters.

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