Contemporary Art Museum(Mac), Niteroi, RJ


Niterói is located 13km away from the Rio de Janeiro city and has a several attractions that fascinate tourists and locals. The visit to “Cidade Sorriso”, as it is called can bem ade by crossing Rio-Niterói Bridge, or by sea, taking fairies.


NAB is located in Niteroi at the UFF University. Construction has a large auditorium and a beautiful view. Address: Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), Praia Vermelha Campus, Niterói, RJ, Brasil, 2420-310 Latitude: -22.906913° Longitude: -43.132822°

Núcleo de Estudos em Biomassa e Gerenciamento de Água

Santos Dumont Airport

Santos Dumont Airport is located in downtown of Rio de Janeiro, 24 km away from Núcleo de Estudos em Biomassa e Gerenciamento de Água, NAB.

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Tom Jobim International Airport

Tom Jobim International Airport is located in the north side of Rio de Janeiro, more specifically on Ilha do Governador, 28km away from Núcleo de Estudos em Biomassa e Gerenciamento de Água, NAB.

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*For Uber and 99 users, the system works fine in the whole city of Rio de Janeiro and Niterói Find below some suggestions of meeting point at the Airports for Uber users (more information on website): https://www.uber.com/global/en/airports/

How to get a ride from Santos Dumont Airport
Request when you’re ready to walk outside and choose a ride option that suits your needs.

Confirm your pickup location

Select the venue where you’d like to be picked up: the Uber Lounge or the central island at the departures entrance. Once you’ve selected a venue, confirm your request.
Meet your driver

Head to the selected venue to meet your driver. If you can’t find your driver, contact them through the app.

Where are Uber's meeting places in Tom Jobim International Airport?

In total, Uber has 4 different meeting places, all of which are located outside the airport. Here's how to find 2 of them:

Terminal 1 - Landing area - Gate B

Door next to the Federal Police service

Terminal 2 - Boarding area - Central Island

Go up the stairs or elevator. On the departure floor (second floor), exit through gates B or C. Cross the first lane to the central island and look for the Uber sign

Passport must be valid for at least 6 (six) months from the date of your departure to Brazil.

Participants are strongly advised to make sure they fulfill all legal requirements to enter in Brazil. Besides a valid passport, an entry visa may also be required. Because of the diplomacy principle of reciprocity, Brazil requires a visa for citizens from countries that require a visa from Brazilian citizens. Please check with your nearest Brazilian Consulate.

To apply for a visa please contact to the nearest Brazilian Embassy/Consulate. The need for a visa to Brazil depends on your nationality and NOT on the country where you live or from where you are traveling to Brazil.

The Visa is not required for most European, Latin American countries, Russia and now according to the law United States, Japan, Australia and Canada are visa free, but we recommend that you check with your nearest consulate/embassy. Among others, a Visa is required.

Please, let us know as soon as possible if you need an invitation letter to be included with your visa application – Send an email to alago2020@metaeventos.net

Designed to help participants to meet administrative requirements in certain countries, official letters of invitation for entry visa or other purposes may be supplied upon request (sent by electronic mail in PDF format). Please allow sufficient time for this procedure. Note that such letters do not commit the Organizing Committee to any kind of financial support, hosting arrangement, refund of expenses by the Conference organization, nor does it guarantee an entry visa issuance.

A valid international vaccination certificate for yellow fever, under the auspices of the World Health Organization, is demanded by the Brazilian Government for travellers who are resident (or have been in transit within the past three months) of Angola, Benin, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Cameron, Colombia, Ecuador, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, French Guyana, Liberia, Nigeria, Peru, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Venezuela and Zaire. Please consult the health department office in your city.

According to the “World Health Organization” yellow fever vaccination is recommended for international travellers in many areas in Brazil, in particular if going to wild forest areas. The vaccination must be taken at least 10 (ten) days before travelling. Yellow fever vaccination is not mandatory to enter Brazil. No cases of yellow fever have been reported in the urban area of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

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131 Presidente Domiciano Street - Ingá, Niterói – RJ
11 minutes walking
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2 A, Alexandre Moura Street - São Domingos, Niterói – RJ
15 minutes walking
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H NITERÓI R. Dr. Paulo Alves, 14 - Ingá 1,5 quilometers VISIT MENU ACCOMMODATION OR ASK US ABOUT
TOWER HOTEL Av. Alm. Ary Parreiras, 12 - Icaraí 3,3 quilometers PROMOTIONAL RATES AND CONDITIONS TO
BEST WESTERN R. Joaquim Távora, 54 - Icaraí 4,7 quilometers ALAGO2020 GROUP (alago2020@metaeventos.net)


Drogaria Tamoio R. Dr. Paulo Alves, 55 - Ingá 1,5 quilometers Drugstore
Speed Farma Av. Alm. Benjamin Sodré,68 1,2 quilometers Drugstore
Gran Gourmet Av. Milton Tavares de Souza and Rua Antônio Parreiras 750 meters Restaurant
Docas Cantareira Av. Milton Tavares de Souza 1,2 quilometers Restaurant
Jambeiro R. Pres. Domiciano, 195 - Ingá 1,0 quilometers Restaurant
À Mineira R. Alexandre Moura, 2 A - São Domingos 650 meters Restaurant
Plaza Shopping Niterói Rua Quinze de Novembro, 8 - Downtown, Niterói 2,1 quilometers Mall


The official language in Brazil is Portuguese, but the official language of the Conference is English.


The Brazilian monetary unit is the Real (R$). The exchange rate available to visitors is published daily in the newspapers along with the commercial dollar rate of the day used in official international business transactions. To have an idea of the exchange rates you may visit, e.g., the website http://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/. Cash and traveller's check can be exchanged at most banks, at exchange houses (in some malls and airports), as well as in the major hotels. All major credit cards are accepted in Brazil, and some shops even accept US$ dollars.